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Win mario mini console!

Win mario mini console!

Win mario mini console

- Score 25,000pts or more in the 1st round;

- Fill in the participant form;

- The winner will be announced on our blog on December 15st, 2022.

Participation rules:

- Score 25,000pts or more in the first round;

- Provide your email so we can get in touch with you, if you win;

- Share this event on any social network platform (just a brief post about what's going on here);

- Include a link to your post from the social network, in the special field of the participant form;

- Increase your chances of winning by scoring 25k points each time you post to a different social network, so if you share on FB, Reddit and Twitter your chances will be tripled!

- All applications will be manually processed, and if the social media link is down, we'll email you;

- We track any cheating attempts or invalid links to social networks, in case of detection. we have the right to exclude email from the lottery

Event date: November 15st - December 15st, 2022.

- The winner will be chosen randomly;

- Mario Mini console; 

- An email will be sent to the winner;

- If delivery to your country is either impossible or unavailable, we have the right to pay the reward in USDT instead (Tether TRC20). 

- November  season   adai******  

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Comments (52)

Kayla Van willingh / 02 Oct 2022
i would love a consel

Sips123 / 02 Oct 2022
Where is the participant form?

Admin / 02 Oct 2022
You will see the form after you reach 25000 and more point in first round

Water45 / 03 Oct 2022
I would love to win the prize!

Madiha / 03 Oct 2022
cant wait

Samuel Sjödin / 03 Oct 2022
I would love a console!

gaurav eknath / 03 Oct 2022
i want to play the super mario

mohit bajaj / 03 Oct 2022
i love maario games

giorgi / 03 Oct 2022
I would love a console!

kat / 03 Oct 2022
e i got 2500 points what now

Jesus Diaz / 03 Oct 2022
I would really like a new console! Good luck to the rest entering!

Jharman / 03 Oct 2022
L would love a new console for the first one.

John Jarvi / 03 Oct 2022
I would love a mini console for fun

Alan / 03 Oct 2022
i would like this sheeeesh

monica / 03 Oct 2022
i would like to win because i think the mario games are very fun and enjoyable and i will really bring me back to my childhood

Aryan D / 03 Oct 2022
can't wait to win scored the requirement with a single hand hehe

Rishabh Mohan / 04 Oct 2022
i would love a console

mason peters / 04 Oct 2022
ill sign up!

joe / 05 Oct 2022

Hussein Abdi / 06 Oct 2022
how are you suppose to et 25000 in the first round???

Marioisaplumber / 06 Oct 2022

Naman Churiwala / 07 Oct 2022
Playing this amazing game since my childhood. Would love to play this awesome game back on console. Thank you for making our childhood awesome with this beautiful game.

StoneFTC / 08 Oct 2022
I won the first round with 31100 points but no form showed up :(

Vijayadithyan .N / 08 Oct 2022
I neeeeeeed it

TrexCM241 / 08 Oct 2022
I'm from Indonesia, will this gift be sent?

Catherine Lopez / 08 Oct 2022
Where is the form?

roshan / 09 Oct 2022
is it will be applicable for nepal,india,bangladesh???

Jacob / 09 Oct 2022
i am happy

Amen / 10 Oct 2022
Hi! Gamers

Puneet Khare / 10 Oct 2022
Hi I like this game

bitch / 11 Oct 2022
i want that console

MUTHU SANKAR / 11 Oct 2022
I love to have console

shreya / 14 Oct 2022
how to fill the participants form?

grayson / 14 Oct 2022
its great

jeff / 14 Oct 2022
this game is fun

stephen / 15 Oct 2022
what does 'first round' mean?

zack / 18 Oct 2022
pls dev get me out of the contest i accidentally singed in and pls do and do and kick me out of the contest

Mr. Mister / 20 Oct 2022
can i use the console :D

Jose Alvarez / 20 Oct 2022
I got More than 25000 points

rodney / 21 Oct 2022
lets go

Hayk / 22 Oct 2022
i win console

i love mario / 23 Oct 2022
ilove mario

Andy / 27 Oct 2022
Ahh,i enjoy playing mario. maybe mario on the go? thank you guys for the mario console. sounds like a really cool reward. (Ngl)

mickail johnson / 01 Nov 2022
love mario

REETESH JAIN / 05 Nov 2022
i want to play game

Md Shamiul islam / 07 Nov 2022
Love this game very much.

subscribe to blacksmith52 / 07 Nov 2022
I entered, noice. I'm really hoping to win!!! bababa ba ba baa baa...

Tharun / 15 Nov 2022
i would love to win one

Sophia L. / 15 Nov 2022
I would love a Mario console! Sounds like so much fun to be able to play super Mario on the go! Really nice reward idea.

Anushka Chauhan / 16 Nov 2022
i love this game

devid / 18 Nov 2022
i will play

Jewel / 27 Nov 2022
I love it my dad showed me how . love the game

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