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Play super Mario Bros online

It is easy to play Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is an iconic arcade platformer, a real smash of consoles of the 90s. The game captured the hearts of millions of gamers, while it exists, and even hit the Guinness World Records as the best-selling project ever. We invite you to step into the past and play the original Mario Bros online. A breathtaking journey through the Mushroom Kingdom and funny plumber brothers are waiting for you. Defeat all enemies, fight the huge dragon Bowser and free Princess Peach. The fate of the entire kingdom is up to you now.

Gameplay features

Platformer Super Mario Bros online is designed for 2 people, so you can go to save the princess with a friend. The main characters are Mario and his brother Luigi. The game consists of 8 kingdoms, each of them has 4 levels. Here you will face the dangerous enemies, find cunning traps, dungeons and clouds with extra bonuses, secret passages, big battles with King  Koopa and his henchmen. It is easy to play Super Mario Bros. There are a few ways of destroying the enemies: jumping from above, hitting the platform, which they stand on and shooting fireballs. Passing the levels, you should collect coins, as they give extra lives. The most interesting bonuses (powerful items) in the game are an orange mushroom, a fire flower and a star. The mushroom lets the character to be bigger and gives him a brick breaking ability. The flower enables to kill enemies at a distance. The star makes the character to be invulnerable to damage for a while (except killing by enemy) and to be faster, and the enemies become destroyed from his touch. The platformer is available for free, you don't need to download or install it. Pass all the locations and help courageous Mario free the Princess from the dungeon. We wish you a good time during the game.

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Comments (46)

Andrey / 27 Mar 2021
Super mario

Sahilthakarkar / 23 May 2021

Garamiracle / 24 Jun 2021

Veera / 23 Jul 2021
Super Mario Bros

Khimoya Campbell / 16 Aug 2021
I want to play super Mario online

Samuel / 19 Aug 2021
I want super mario

celia / 05 Sep 2021
I love game

Mr. R988 / 01 Oct 2021
I soooooo like the game 9999999999999999999999999999999999 times I like Super Mario Bros word

Jessup Vivek / 30 Nov 2021
I want to play the game mario

Marotta / 01 Dec 2021
How do you trough fire ball

Alinboss2020 / 31 Dec 2021
its a good game

didrith / 31 Jan 2022
hello, super mario broth super-funs!

Gregory / 09 Feb 2022
Hi Mario do you like to play a game I am played a game i hope you have a great Wensday your teacher Mr Gregory

Gregory / 09 Feb 2022
Hi Mario

Kartikeya G / 17 Feb 2022
Super Mario is a good game where anything can be unexpected

sj james / 25 Mar 2022
super mario bros was is my favroute game from when i was a kid in 1985 when it came out ad its still my favruite game and super mario 64 is my favruite.

Ludwig / 05 Apr 2022

Rohith / 20 Apr 2022
It is amazing bruh

simayuzbekova / 27 May 2022
wow nice f

Bluey / 20 Jun 2022
I wanna play it.

marquis / 22 Jun 2022
Thank you

DEMETRE / 15 Jul 2022

Ansh / 08 Oct 2022
i wanna play this game

TeddyAndDad / 26 Nov 2022
How can I switch to play as Luigi?

tecla / 20 Mar 2023
hello everyone, do you know how to skip levels and choose my favourite ? please, tell me !!

Hiiiiiiiiii / 23 Mar 2023
I love this game Infinte times.

Megha / 06 May 2023
i want to play mario

brice / 10 May 2023

saira / 25 May 2023
Mee too it is my favorite game

Mel / 09 Jun 2023
I want to play super Mario 1 A 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Mel / 09 Jun 2023
I want to play super Mario 1 A 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Moonbeam / 22 Jun 2023
what's the trick to getting thru 2-3?

ASHISH / 23 Jun 2023

ancymol / 19 Jul 2023

osvaldo / 07 Sep 2023
have Bluetooth on the game because l want to play on the Nintendo controllers plesse

christine cardona / 14 Sep 2023
Hello I have never played Mario. Or Super Mario. It looks like fun. i am ready to try my skills. Thanks for making it free to play.

Matthews02 / 30 Sep 2023
I love supermario1 so much that I hit my switch.

MattSprng02 / 30 Sep 2023
Mario is a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10

Chuka / 31 Oct 2023
Please let me play this game

Wyatt / 29 Nov 2023
how do I play this on the ds.

william Alsobrooks / 30 Nov 2023
I have enjoyed the super Mario franchise ever since I was 7 yrs old and still I play them from old to new.

Mike / 17 Feb 2024
How do you jump extra high? Can't reach the platform on mid level boards

Mike / 18 Feb 2024

Mike / 04 Apr 2024
How to get through 7-1 with all of the cannons?

bart / 06 Apr 2024
can I play Mario on the parking?

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